Digital, What?

What is digital?

For some, it is technology.
For some, it is about how you connect everything in business
For some, it is about doing business with the customers in a new way
For some, anything to do with computers is digital
For some, any workflow which does not have any human intervention is digital

There are so many perspectives, and all are right in some way

All technology companies and service providers publish their digital perspective in all their areas of expertise. What is happening in the space of education?

Are we successfully translating the learning and training into digital form? Of late, we have seen the explosion in the delivery of education through online universities. Now, everyone has access to the best content and lectures. We are slowly moving towards the democratization of the best education. Is that enough to be called as digitization?

Getting into the digital world requires one to reexamine the entire chain of business, not just parts, and envision new ways to increase the value of the business.

Let us explore this detail in the upcoming blogs

Until then, au revoir

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